The OPEN+(OPENPLUS) lab interprets architectural design in the context of urban dynamics and investigates how design and its process respond to the live cities and vice versa. Through interviews, pilot studies, and participatory design process, we look at and engage with elements of the city we live in, and fabricate physical and social relationship within. We work together particularly balancing between practically pleasing design and academically experimental design.


Research (on-going)

Social Engagement

interested in social sustainability of Architecture ; the relationship between physical structures and social structures ; engaging community

Architecture & Marketing ; Colour

interested in the role of architectural design in marketing and business ; (member of CS2; Centre for Sustainability of Cultural Services)

Architecture & Psychology

interested in architectural elements that affect spatial perception and psychology


Participatory Design Workshop Program

research on participatory design process and workshop tools for various consultees and stages of projects ; Pedagogy for Children ; Design with Community


Architectural Design Studios (Undergraduate)

Design with drawings; Design Studio 1; Design Studio 2; Design Studio 3; Design Studio 4

Junior Seminar - Portfoilo (Undergraduate)

Brief introduction to undergraduate students who want to learn how to present themselves through visual works; their works, CVs, and to write cover letters in the most attractive foramt.

Architecture & Social Engagement ; ARC6830 (Graduates)

The aim of this course is to look at architectural design and its process in the context of urban dynamics. We investigate the relationship between physical structures and social structures and experiments them in various stages, scales and formats. The course consists of lectures/seminars, research, and a short engagement project and will aim to publish/exhibit for continuous research. Methods of engagement include interview, direct action, social event, constructed situation, participation design, public consultation, and new proposed method by students.

Architectural Research Design (ARD) series (Graduates) 

This course provides research topics which each student selects and conducts with 4-5 team members in close relationship with the professor. The topics not only include architectural and urban issues but reaches beyond multi-disciplinary topics. The end result of the course could be of any format including articles, books, models, installations and competition submissions. This course pursues not only student driven processes but also provides the students with opportunity to participate in an actual project. Topics includes but not limited to Architecture & Marketing, Social Algorithms, Participatory Design, Community Engagement, creative Teaching Method, Architectural Material.

Social Algorithms ; ARC7000 (Graduates) 

Though one of the largest cities in the world, Seoul is at the same time modern and historical. This comes as a product of overlap between the tradition and rapid urban development in the 2nd half of 20th century. This interesting mixture and contrast is what gives this city its unique characteristics. As consequence, although technologically developed and highly urbanised, Seoul’s urban fabric and life-style heavily rely on human scale – call it the software of the urban – as its main shaping force. It is very interesting to examine how the software – human, community & social aspects of everyday life, rather than hardware of the city – built environment itself, drives the evolution of Seoul to such high degree.


Design Workshops

Designing the Virtual Actuality

2012 Yonsei winter workshop

Social Algorithms 2.0

2013 Yonsei winter workshop

Social Algorithms 3.0

2015 AAVS_SeoulWinter; find more at

Social Algorithms 4.0

2016 AAVS_SeoulWinter; find more at

Social Algorithms 4.5

2016 AAVS_Seoul tutor workshop

Social Algorithms 5.0

2017 AAVS_Seoul; Sunday 16 – Tuesday 25 July 2017 ;Apply Now!

Exhibitions & Symposiums curating

Euardo Souto de Moura Competitions: 1979-2010

2012 @ Yonsei University ;

Swiss Positions, Swiss Scale

2013 @ Korea Foundation Gallery ; co-curated with Sang Hoon Youm

ETH-YONSEI symposium

2013 @ Yonsei University ; curated

1. Open City 2. Information Architecture 3. Architecture Tomorrow 4. Constructing Alternatives

Awards & Exhibitions


  • VOID form VOID connection, 2016-17 Exhibition @ MMCA ; team OPENHOUSE SEOUL

  • Re-structuring Seun-sangga Citywalk, honorable Mention

  • International Competition for Rehabilitating Mapo Oil Depot into a Cultural Depot Park, 2nd prize

  • Cyber Gallery Exhibition, GMC 2014

  • Moved To Care Competition (Building Trust International) Honourable Mention         

  • Latent Dimension, KAADF 2013 invited architects Exhibition

  • Aurinkokivi School Competition Exhibition, Finland

  • Global Young Architects Exhibition


Research & Projects (archived)

  • The Restaurant Interior, Seoul 

  • KyungHwa Education Cetre, ChangNyung

  • Sports Youth Hostel, ChangNyung         

  • Mapo Art 마당, Mapo Art Tank, idea competition (Competition)

  • Nature-Friendly Outdoor Play Environment for the Child Development Research Institute in Yonsei University      

  • Kukje Gallery K4 private room, Seoul     

  • Kukje Gallery K1 Renovation, Seoul       

  • Yangsan Design Research Centre (competition)      

  • Hameenkyro School, Finland (competition)           

  • Jeongja-Amco Heritz, SungNam